Essential IFAK

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When seconds count, the Essential IFAK is your ultimate companion for a rapid and organized response to life threatening emergencies. Engineered with precision and innovation, this Essential IFAK comes preloaded with the most critical supplies one would need to address serious wounds, such as deep lacerations, stabbings, and gunshots.  Each kit is loaded precisely the same way, even down to how the tourniquet is folded. The most critical components are up front and easy to access with either hand. The bandages and gauze are vacuum sealed with clearly marked and easily torn tabs so that you won’t fumble when the adrenaline hits. This repeatability is a game changer for families, schools, the work place, and first responders. Knowing what is inside and exactly how it is arranged can save precious time when everybody needs to be on the same page. Live with the peace of mind that you or those you care about can make it to a patient care facility, and elevate your readiness with the Essential IFAK.


  1. Quick-Access Pull Tab: Our IFAK pouch features a strategically placed pull tab at the top for lightning-fast access to your life-saving supplies. In high-pressure situations, the pull tab enables swift deployment of the pouch, allowing you to focus on what matters most – immediate care for the injured.
  2. Front Tourniquet Holder: Time is of the essence when controlling severe bleeding. The front tourniquet holder provides quick and secure access to your tourniquet, ensuring that you can address life-threatening hemorrhage with minimal delay. On either side of the tourniquet holder are 2 compression bands for you to secure additional immediate-access supplies. Safety and speed combined in one critical feature.
  3. Quick Detach Design: The Essential IFAK features two MOLLE straps with pull tabs at the top that allow the user to quickly detach the IFAK from the webbing of your pack, riflecase, or plate carrier. This design enhances ease of use by allowing you to rapidly deploy the Essential IFAK to the most accessible location to care for the wounded while keeping the contents secure and organized.  
  4. Internal Organization: Organize your supplies efficiently with internal pouches and a large compression band designed to accommodate a variety of medical essentials. While the Essential IFAK comes preloaded with the ‘essentials’, the internal organization allows you customize your loadout based on your specific needs and preferences.
  5. Durable and Compact Design: Crafted from high-quality materials, the Essential IFAK is built to withstand the rigors of emergency scenarios. Its compact design makes it easy to carry on backpacks, rifle bags, plate carriers, and other tactical gear, ensuring it's always within reach when you need it.


      • One-Handed Application: The tourniquet is designed for swift and straightforward application with a single hand, allowing for rapid response in critical situations. This user-friendly feature is extremely important to ensure ease of use in self-applications.
      • Quick-Release Buckle: The tourniquet is equipped with a quick-release buckle, enabling fast and efficient removal once the bleeding is controlled. This feature also allows the user to unbuckle the tourniquet and secure it high and tight to the main arteries of the limb. This eliminates the need to slide the tourniquet up from the end of the limb and avoids the risk of getting trapped behind bulky clothing.
      • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, this tourniquet is built to withstand the rigors of emergency use. Its robust construction ensures reliable performance in a variety of situations, from pre-hospital settings to tactical environments.

      Israeli Bandage

        • Combat Proven Design: The Israeli 4-Inch Bandage is trusted by military and medical professionals worldwide. Its compact and user-friendly design allows for swift and effortless application, which makes it a no-brainer to include in first aid kits, backpacks, or emergency response bags.
        • Rapid Hemorrhage Control:Equipped with an integrated pressure applicator, this bandage maintains consistent pressure to the wound site: crucial for stemming blood flow and promoting clotting. A durable, securing clip keeps the bandage firmly in place without the need for additional tapes or fasteners. The sterile, non-adherent dressing pad minimizes the risk of further trauma during removal.
        • Vacuum-Sealed Packaging: Each bandage is individually vacuum-sealed to maintain sterility and extend shelf life. This feature guarantees that the Israeli 4-Inch Bandage is ready for use at a moment's notice, whether in the field, at home, or during outdoor adventures.

        2 Chest Seals

          • Vented Design: Featuring strategically placed vents, this chest seal allows for controlled airflow while maintaining a closed system. The design strikes a crucial balance, preventing the development of tension pneumothorax without compromising on the occlusive properties. This crucial benefit ensures optimal lung function in the critical moments following a penetrating chest injury, such as a gunshot wound.
          • Ultra Adhesive: The adhesive properties of the chest seal ensure a secure and airtight bond to the casualty's chest, preventing the ingress of air and contaminants.
          • Transparent Seal: The transparent film allows for continuous monitoring of the wound site without compromising the seal. This visual access facilitates quick assessments to make informed decisions in dynamic emergency scenarios.

          Combat Gauze

            • Kaolin Infused: Leverage the power of kaolin, a naturally occurring mineral, to promote rapid blood clotting. This unique ingredient accelerates the body's natural clotting process, making it an invaluable asset in managing severe hemorrhage.
            • Versatile Application: Suitable for a wide range of injuries, including puncture wounds, lacerations, and gunshot This versatility makes Combat Gauze an essential component in military, pre-hospital, and emergency medical settings.
            • X-Ray Detectable: This Combat Gauze is X-ray detectable, enabling healthcare providers to identify and track the location of the dressing during post-trauma assessment. This feature enhances accuracy and expedites follow-up care.

            Trauma Shears

              • Stainless Steel Blades: Crafted from premium stainless steel, our trauma shears boast ultra-sharp blades that effortlessly cut through clothing, bandages, and other materials encountered in emergency situations. The durable construction ensures long-lasting sharpness and reliability.
              • Rounded Safety Tip: The rounded safety tip minimizes the risk of accidental injury, making them safe for use in high-stress environments. This design feature allows for swift and precise cutting without compromising the safety of the patient or user.
              • Serrated Edge: The serrated edge enhances the shears' versatility, enabling users to grip and cut through a wide range of materials securely. From clothing to seatbelts, these trauma shears are designed to handle the unexpected with ease.
              • Tapered Design: The tapered design of the shears allows for easy access to hard-to-reach areas on the body, facilitating quick and efficient removal of clothing or bandages. This feature is especially crucialin time-sensitive emergency situations.

              Roll of Regular Gauze

              • Protect yourself from external contaminants and dress your wound with a roll of sterile gauze. It provides a protective barrier over injuries and helps to control hemorrhage with direct pressure application over the wound site.

              Medical Gloves

              • Rolled up for quick, easy access; protect yourself from hazardous substances as you care for the wounded.

              Medical Bag

              • 7.5" x 4" x 2.5"


              • Generation 5

              Israeli Bandage

              • 4"

              Chest Seals

              • 5.5" x 4"

              Combat Gauze

              • Kaolin Hemostatic Gauze
              • 100% cotton

              Trauma Shears

              • Stainless steel
              • 5.5" long

              Regular Gauze

              • 4" wide, 14' long

              Medical Gloves

              • 100% Nitrile, free of the allergens
              • Size Large