Shadow-X Ultra Comfort Belly Band Holster

47 inch
57 inch



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The Shadow-X is BACK! The most comfortable, feature packed belly band holster ever built is now available in limited quantities. Wear your pistol any way you like, left or right hand draw, and even in workout clothes. The compression of the belly band makes you feel like your are one with your weapon! The ventilated neoprene construction helps reduce sweat and guarantees comfort on even the hottest days. With multiple magazine and EDC pouches, grip and barrel guards, universal fit and ambidextrous draw, you wont want to wear any other holster. Get your Shadow-X Belly Band today!


  1. Ambidextrous Holster: The design of the compression holster means it can be used for both left- and right-handed shooters.
  1. Thumb Break Retention Strap: Perfect for maintaining security of the weapon while ensuring a quick release when needed. The retention strap also helps minimize movement of the pistol due to running or jumping.
  1. Universal Fit: The Shadow-X holster fits any size handgun from sub-compact to full size.
  1. Second Skin Comfort: This belly band is made of a breathable, lightweight, and ventilated Neoprene. This belly band will handle sweat during those miserable summer days without leaving you chaffed, irritated, or itchy.
  1. Versatile Pouches: The Shadow-X Belly Band comes with 4 Sewn-In Mag Pouches, two on either side of the pistol holster. No matter which dominant hand you have, there will always be 2 mag pouches for the off hand to draw from. An adjustable double pouch and a single large storage pouch allow you to carry additional EDC items such as flashlights and even handcuffs for our fellow law enforcement officers.
  1. Grip and Barrel Guards: Say goodbye to rough handles scraping up against your skin! The Shadow-X features both detachable handle and barrel guards. Whether you’ve got stippled handles or compensators at the end of your barrel, your sensitive skin will be protected. These guards can be detached when carrying a compact or subcompact, giving you the most versatility possible. 



We recommend the 47 inch band for waist sizes up to 36/38". The model in blue shorts has a 38" waist and 43" stomach, and is comfortably wearing the 47 inch with limited available expansion remaining on the band.