Tactical Multi Color Flashlight - 1600 Lumens



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Illuminate the darkest corners with the new SFT2 Tactical Multi Color Flashlight. This flashlight provides 1600 lumens of light in 4 different color modes, with a beam distance of 300 meters. Maintain your natural night vision and say goodbye to black spots with the red color setting allowing you to maintain tactical awareness. Perfect as a handheldilluminator or when mounted with the included picatinny mount. Own the night with the Multi Color Flashlight today!


  1. Multiple Lighting Modes -This flashlight meets all your needs with 5 working modes. The Multi Color Flashlight has 3 intensity settings: high, medium,and low beam. Signal first responders during an emergency with the SOS frequency setting. Find yourself under attack? Use the strobe frequency to disorient your attacker as you maneuver.
  1. Color Filter Adapters – Maintain your natural night vision with the red color filter. Your eyes have trouble adapting from bright white to darkness, but with red light, you avoid those pesky black spots that obscure your vision. Green, blue, and yellow filters are included as well.
  1. Durable Design - The main body is made of high-quality 6063T aluminum and is IPX6 water resistant and shockproof. In addition, the LED flashlight uses 18650 rechargeable batteries with a USB interface for fast charging. (batteries and charging cable included).
  1. Handheld or Mounted - This 1600 lumen miniature spotlight comes with a regular button switch for handheld applications and a pressure switch for when the light is mounted.