Gun Magnet Mount Quick Draw


SUPERIOR MAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY - This mount contains an inner magnet made up of Neodyium, which is a rare raw earth metal material that greatly improves our mount’s magnetic force and ability to bear the weight of up to 45lbs. This mount comes with quality 3M adhesive for a strong adhesion. No drilling is required! Our gun magnet is perfectly sized to fit in compact areas such as the bedside, office, etc. 


FIXED AND DOES NOT ROTATE - This gun mount is designed to keep your gun from rotating or moving even when attached to a vehicle. Designed with safety in mind, our gun magnetic mount has built inside braces to stabilize your weapon and prevent damage. Our gun magnet mount is made up of ABS material which has a smooth surface to prevent scratches to your gun. Protect your investment with a high-quality mount. 


COMPATIBLE DESIGN THAT FITS MOST HANDGUN MODELS - This magnet is compatible with most flat top pistols/handguns.


EASY INSTALLATION - Gun Magnet Mount include 3M Adhesive, 6 long screws, 6 short screws, and 6 expansion screws. Providing customers with fast, easy, and safe installation. We recommended to use both screws and 3M adhesive during installation.



Quick & Draw gun magnet was designed to be universal to all flat top handguns. This magnetic gun mount includes full size, compact, and sub-compact. This Magnetic Handgun Mount is designed for quick loading your gun. The gun magnet mount is a must-have product for you.