Partisan 6-24x50FFP


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If long range is the name of your game and you need something to make those 500-yard or longer shots with crystal clear clarity, look no farther than the Partisan 6-24x50FFP Rifle Scope. Meticulously engineered for pinpoint accuracy, this First Focal Plane scope features unrivaled light transmission, and the large, adjustable objective lens provide exceptional visibility during early morning or late evening hunts. Enjoy confidence in any condition. Rain? Not a problem. Fog? So what? Need a big boy round to take down large game? This scope is rated up to .338 Lapua! Dominate the field with confidence, and make every shot count with the Partisan 6-24xFFP Scope!

  1. Crystal Clear Optics: The advanced fully multi-coated lenses deliver exceptional light transmission, ensuring unparalleled clarity and brightness at dawn, dusk, and beyond. The Adjustable Objective lens allows you to dial in on a crisp, detailed target image.

  2. First Focal Plane (FFP) Reticle:The Partisan FFP reticle scales with magnification, providing precise holdover and windage corrections at any distance. Maintain accuracy and confidence in your shots, whether you're targeting a distant bull elk or a varmint on the next hill over.

  3. Zoom Versatility: With a variable magnification range from 6x to 24x, this scope adapts seamlessly to different shooting scenarios. Easily switch between wide-angle scanning and pinpoint targeting without sacrificing clarity or consistency.

  4. Zero-Reset Turrets: The tactile, easy-to-adjust turrets feature a zero-reset function, enabling swift return to your initial zero after making elevation and windage adjustments. Streamline your shooting process and save valuable time in the field.

  5. Rugged Durability: Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, the Partisan 6-24x50FFP Rifle Scope is built to withstand the harshest elements and recoil. It's fogproof, IP67 waterproof, and has a recoil rating up to .338 Lapua, ensuring reliable performance in any environment.

  6. Long Eye Relief:Shoot comfortably with a generous eye relief just under 4", reducing the risk of scope-induced strain. The integrated parallax adjustment allows you to eliminate parallax errors, enhancing your accuracy across varying distances.

  7. Five year Warranty: We stand behind the quality of this product. If your optic has issues that aren’t related to man-made damage, enjoy a replacement on us up to 5 years from purchase date. Does Lady Luck give you the cold shoulder? We’ve got your back should you suffer damage due to fire, flood, earthquake, or lightning strike!

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  • Magnification: 6x-24x
  • Long Eye Relief: 3.54" - 3.93"
  • Maximum Recoil: 1200g’s
  • IP Standard: IP67 (1m for 30mins)
  • Shockproof: yes, (3ft /0.9m Drop Test
  • Coating: Fully Multi Coated
  • Standard Turret Click Value: 1/10 Mil
  • Total Travel Elevation: ≥50 MOA (14.5MIL)
  • Total Travel Windage: ≥50 MOA (14.5MIL)
  • Field of view @100 Yards: 16.2ft~4.1ft
  • Field of view @109 Meters: 4.94m-1.25m
  • Exit Pupil: 0.33in- 0.1in
  • Monotube Diameter: 30mm
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 50mm
  • Ocular Lens Diameter: 36mm
  • Diopter Compensation: +/- 2
  • Parallax Set: 100 yards
  • Parallax Compensation: 8 yards - ∞
  • Length: 14.11"
  • Net Weight: 18.12oz

Package Includes:

  • Picatinny / Dovetail Scope Mount x 1 pair (High)
  • Flip-up Cap x 1 pair
  • 3” Sunshade x 1 piece
  • Cleaning Cloth x 1 piece
  • User's Manual x 1 piece