ModWall Single Panel

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Whether you are outfitting your safe room, cleaning up tactical clutter, or simply staging your collection in Second Amendment glory, the ModWall will do it all:

  • Display your weapons at multiple angles
  • Get your gear off the floor! Hang your vest, helmet, and duty belt for quick access
  • Store multiple, fully loaded magazines for multiple firearm types. Reloads ready to rock and roll right next to your weapons.

The ModWall Panel is the foundation of any ModWall configuration. Each panel is 48″W x 22″H x 1/2″ Thick. Multiple panels may be hung either separately, one above the other, or side by side, the choice is yours!


The ModWall Single Panels are 100% American Made in a factory located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Built by hard working Americans, with components found here at home, for the use and enjoyment of our Second Amendment rights!

ModWall Single Panels are made with HDPE plastics that are durable enough to hold your gear, but soft enough to protect your finishes.

ModWall panels are sold as singles.

*Because these items aremade to order, sometimesby hand, processing may take up to3 weeks before these items ship. 


  • Instructions
  • (1) ModWall Panel and mounting hardware