ModWall Nano Mounts

Package Option
One Nano
Two Nanos
Four Nanos
Nano Kit: Horizontal Shotgun/Rifle Rack
Nano Kit: AR15 Right Facing
Nano Kit: AR15 Left Facing
Nano Kit: AK Right Facing
Nano Kit: AK Left Facing
Nano Kit: Single Stack Right Facing Pistol Hanger
Nano Kit: Single Stack Left Facing Pistol Hanger
Nano Kit: Double Stack Right Facing Pistol Hanger
Nano Kit: Double Stack Left Facing Pistol Hanger
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Limited Wall Space? Looking for something a little more spartan? Or, maybe you just aren't into the whole 'panel on the wall' thing. You need the Nano Mount.
Create a clean and unobtrusive display of your Second Amendment pride and joy. Small enough to be unnoticed, the Nano Mount allows you to keep the natural look and feel of your space.
  • Designed to work with all ModWall accessories, the Nano Mount uses a 2-inch slot system for easy, quick, and secure mounting without the need for a backplate or panel.
  • Holds an equal weight capacity to a large panel when mounted to a wall stud.
  • Fully Customizable! The arrangement of your gear on your wall becomes infinite, your only limitation being wall stud location and wall space.

The MidMod Nano Mount is 100% American Made in a factory located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Built by hard working Americans, with components found here at home, for the use and enjoyment of our Second Amendment rights!

*Because these items aremade to order, sometimesby hand, processing may take up to3 weeks before these items ship. 


Selected quantity of Nano Mounts.

2 Drywall screws (per Mount)
2 Drywall screw anchors (per Mount)


Quantity of Nano Mounts Needed for ModWall Accessories:

(1) Nano needed for:

Single Pistol Hangers, Dual Pistol Hangers, Hide-A-Mags, AR15 Hangers, AK Hangers, AR10 Hangers, AR10/AK Mag Rack Hanger, AR15 Mag Rack Hanger, Pistol Mag Rack Hanger, Tactical Belt Mount,

(2) Nanos needed for:

Horizontal Rifle/Shotgun Racks, Horizontal Rail Racks, Helmet Hanger, Vest Hanger, Duty Belt Holder.

(4) Nanos needed for:

Vertical Rifle Racks