ModWall Pistol Hangers

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Turn your "Safe Queens" into "Display Kings", and show your arsenal off with pride! The  ModWall Pistol Hangers are great for displaying your favorite pistols of all types. Shaped like standard pistol magazines, these hangers insert into your weapon's magwell, keeping them ready to go at a moments notice, with style!


Available in both single or double stack for whatever your pistols need!

Choose from our different facing options:
  • “Right Facing” means the barrel will point right when on the hanger.
  • “Left Facing” means the barrel will point left when on the hanger.
  • “Dual Facing” will allow you to hang dual pistols with one attachment; one facing left and the other facing right.

The ModWall Pistol Hangers are 100% American Made in a factory located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Built by hard working Americans, with components found here at home, for the use and enjoyment of our Second Amendment rights!

The ModWall Pistol Hangers are made with HDPE plastics that are durable enough to hold your gear, but soft enough to protect your finishes.

*Because these items aremade to order, sometimesby hand, processing may take up to3 weeks before these items ship.