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Keep your weapons safe and Hidden, but instantly accessible when seconds count! Never sacrifice security for speed again.

The Concealment Clock is your wall mounted, non-locking home defense solution.

It's a dilemma: You want quick access to you guns so you can protect your family, your home, and your community. Keeping your weapons in a safe that's tucked away in a closet or the garage doesn't do you any good when seconds count. You don't want to leave guns laying around the house when company comes over, or when you have the repairman walking around your space. Well we have the answer to your problem!

 Hidden Compartment:

  • Quick access to a hidden compartment behind a functional and attractive clock. You'll get compliments on your style, but your guests won't have a clue whats inside!
  • Magnetic firearm retention keeps your hardware finishes intact.
  • Easy open and close. Push on the “12 o’clock” position of the face to pop the bottom section out. Re-attach the clock face to the velcro section.
  • Big enough to store handguns, ammunition, tasers, flashlights, or anything you want to hide in plain sight!

This clock is 100% American Made in a factory located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Built by hard working Americans, with components found here at home, for the use and enjoyment of our Second Amendment rights!

Installation is a snap. Simply hang the clock in the desired location using the hardware provided.

*Because these items aremade to order, sometimesby hand, processing may take up to3 weeks before these items ship. 


  • CLOCK: Width 22" Height 22" Depth 3.5"
  • Hidden Compartment: Width 14" Height 10" Depth 3.5"
  • Max Weight Load: 10 lb
  • Materials: Lightweight American sourced ABS Plastic


  • 14" x 10" Wall Clock
  • Instructions
  • Mounting hardware
  • (1) Magnet
  • (1) AA battery


Other Considerations:

The 14" x 10" wall clock does not lock.  Special considerations may need to be made for state and local jurisdictions where firearm storage laws apply. Additional considerations may need to be made for who might have regular access to this non-locking storage option.