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June 13, 2016 2 min read

Monday 2:39 PM 6-13-16, by 

RED ALERT: Updates will be Posted Below Article

Developing: According to multiple sources, "The pro-Islamic State (IS) hackers known as the United Cyber Caliphate (UCC) posted a “kill list” of 8,318 purported names and personal addresses of civilians in 21 different countries, with a majority in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the U.K., instructing supporters to “kill them strongly” as “revenge for Muslims.”"

According to WPEC-TV, the list was released by the United Cyber Caliphate via an encoded social media app last week. Of the over-8,000 names on the list, 600 of them were from Florida, 1,445 had addresses in California, 643 in Florida, 341 in Washington, 333 in Texas, 331 in Illinois, and 290 in New York. 

Conflicting and UNCONFIRMED reports indicated that list could actually top 24,000 with the majority of the names being in up to 13 states, primarily in the south.

The United Cyber Caliphate is already responsible for the hacking of U.S. Central Command and 54,000 Twitter accounts, and has threatened the life of President Obama.

Authorities have yet to comment on whether there was a connection to Sunday’s attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. That attack, which claimed 50 lives, is the most deadly terror attack on U.S. soil since 9/11.

Stuart Kaplan, a former FBI agent, told WPEC the most alarming thing about the kill list is that the targets are all civilians who don’t have the necessary security to protect themselves against terrorists.

“It’s going to create some hysteria,” he said. When asked who he thought might be on the list, he said, “I would suspect a head of a hospital or, perhaps, a local community leader. Those are the individuals that may appear on the list — or just a local banker or local school teacher — someone who, for some reason, was in the public eye.”

Kaplan said that Islamic State-affiliated cells or other Islamic extremists could use the list as a guide.

“If, in fact, a sympathizer gets a hold of this list and is readily able to identify you as being his neighbor and, then, decides (because they’re a sympathizer) to go out and do something horrific to you, there is no way to calculate the potential or to prevent that,” Kaplan said.

The list has not been made public, WPEC reported.

UPDATE: 6-13-16 3:01PM - More info on Kill List Analysis HERE

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