10 Must-Have Handguns You Should Never Sell

Article by Patrick Sweeney  at gunsandammo.com

Sometimes you have to cull the herd. Maybe you’re on hard times and have to sell your superfluous guns. Or, having finally retired and finding that that Tahiti doesn’t have an IPSC club, you have to settle for someplace else but don’t want to move the entire tonnage. We’ve all bought something because it was a great deal or we thought it would be cool. Heck, on one occasion I almost bought a left-handed Weatherby Mark V in .300 Weatherby Magnum, even though I’m right-handed, see no need for a .300 anything and wasn’t hunting at the time. I almost bought it because it was a beautiful rifle. If you stick in this biz, or just hang around gun clubs enough, you’ll end up with a rack of “When did I last use that?” firearms.

Sometimes you’ve got to lower the inventory. That’s what I’m talking about here. The ones that are left, the ones I’ll keep even if it means I have to walk the roads picking up deposit bottles and cans for cash. Or to put in another way, these are the handguns I want on the boat with me if I opt for a Viking funeral.